Second photography exhibition

Opening of the photographic exhibition “The second scientific expedition of the ECCC Foundation to the USA. 26/06-20/07/2023”

Opening: April 4, 2024, 2 p.m

Place: Catholic University of Lublin, hall of the John Paul II building

The exhibition will be open until April 12, 2024.

The curator of the exhibition is Prof. Jerzy Montusiewicz.

On April 4, 2024, the second photography exhibition was opened in the main hall of the John Paul II building of the Catholic University of Lublin. It was prepared as part of the project entitled “Research on the national cultural heritage of the Polish diaspora in the USA and the creation of digital memory collections” carried out in 2022-24 by the ECCC Foundation as part of the program of the Minister of Education and Science: “Science for society”, area: “Humanities-Society-Identity”.

The exhibition was opened by the project coordinator, Mrs. Małgorzata Przewoźniak. The project and its achievements were presented by Prof. Jerzy Montusiewicz from Lublin University of Technology – curator of the exhibition. He also showed the visitors around the exhibition.

The ECCC Foundation was represented by the Chairmen of the Foundation Board, Dr. Ryszard Woś.

The Catholic University of Lublin was represented by: Director of the Chancellery and Rector’s Office – Tomasz Tokarski, and Prof. Irena Rolska, and Prof. Kinga Machowicz.

Members of the research team from the Lublin University of Technology participated in the opening: Prof. Marek Miłosz – expedition leader, Dr. Elżbieta Miłosz and Dr. Jacek Kęsik.

Exhibition folder (PDF, 8 MB)